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The New York Times, Sunday March 20, 2016. Page 3, Art Matters‚“A Family Reimagined“

Hilary Moss.


Die Zeitung, 17 March 2016. Page 24, Berlin Kultur,  “Es ware falsch, das zu verstecken“

Hilke Rusch.


Neues Deutschland, 17 March 2016. Page 14, Berlin Kultur, „die sehr Geschichte von Ken und Hazel“

British Journal of Photography – New Show Catharis makes the private public 

Photomonitor – Ken. To Be Destroyed – Sara Davidmann’s work at Belfast Exposed

New York Times – One Artist’s Quest to Honor Her Transgender Uncle

Huffington Post – Ken. To Be Destroyed: An Art Exhibit Exploring The Life Of A Transgender Woman In 1950s London

AnOther – The Photographer Rewriting Her Transgendered Family History

1000 Words – Ken. To be destroyed book review by Greg Hobson

Disphotic – Ken. To be destroyed book review

The Herald Scotland  – After 62 years, the heartbreaking story of Scotland's 'Danish Girl' finally comes to light

Queer.de – Transgender in den 1950er-Jahren

Jüdische Allgemeine – Sara Davidmann über ihren Onkel Ken, ihre Fotoschau und ein Familienarchiv

Art in Berlin – Die Zerstörung von Ken

The Eye of Photography – Ken. To be destroyed

actuphoto – hommage à Ken, un transgenre du passé

Photoparley – Interview with Sara Davidmann

Slate – Reimagining an Uncle’s Secret Transgender Life in the 1950s

Lens Scratch – Ken. To be destroyed

Photomonitor – Ken. To be destroyed book review

Huck magazine – The artist exploring her uncle’s secret 1950s transgender identity

The Echelon –  ‘Ken. To be destroyed’ – exhibition explores trans identity in 1950’s Britain

Seen London – Ken. To be destroyed by Sara Davidmann

The Guardian – My transgender uncle: A family secret hidden for decades

The Guardian – The artist who bought her uncle back to life as a woman