And the Bridegroom

Colour photograph with text by Stephen Whittle


This photograph was made in collaboration with the UK’s leading transgender legal expert, Stephen Whittle. The photograph is based on a painting by Lucian Freud of Leigh Bowery and his wife, Nicola Bateman. In the 1980s and 1990s Bowery became the embodiment of ‘queer’, best known for his extreme drag performances.

Lying beside Whittle in this photograph is Sarah Rutherford, Whittle’s partner of over 30 years. Whittle and Rutherford legally married in 2005, following the passing of the 2004 UK Gender Recognition Act, which Whittle had worked on for many years. Their partnership and love has gone against the grain of what they were meant to be. Lucian Freud’s painting places Leigh Bowery in a relationship with his wife to be. The new photograph creates a relationship, and like Bowery and Bateman, a new representation of what a partnership can be – alternative, different, but the same, and as powerful.

C-type colour photograph, 100cm x 125cm.



C-type colour photograph, 100cm x 140cm.