For ten years, (1999-2009) I took photographs in London’s queer and cross-dressing clubs and bars. During this time I documented an astonishing and remarkable sector of society inaccessible to most people. The photographs in Crossing the Line (published by Dewi Lewis in 2003) are from 1999–2003. These photographs were taken in male-to-female transgender spaces– an enchanting world of exceptional transformations.

The photographs were taken with a small ‘point and shoot’ film camera. This meant that I could readily connect with the people I was photographing and I did not have to be concerned about the intrusion of equipment.  Towards the end of this period of time I started to take photographs with people in my studio. There, my relationships to the participants changed and photographs of a very different nature came about. I began to make oral recordings with people telling their stories. The photo-shoots developed in length and many sessions took place over the course of a day – sometimes longer.